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Other Features

My Pseudocode & Notes

The “My Pseudocode & Notes” section is used for storing the learner’s personal subgoals or any other notes they wish to make as they’re solving the problem. This information is stored separate from the Snapshot History, and there is currently no log of changes the learner makes as they add/edit content here. The notes are associated with the Practice Session Problem or User Page Element.

Fix Code Blocks

Similar to Faded Parsons blocks, Fix Code blocks require the learner to manipulate the block’s text in order to use the block successfully in their solution. In this case, though, learners are given a complete-looking block that must be debugged. It may contain a syntax error (such as a missing colon), or it may contain valid code that is just wrong (such as setting a variable equal to an empty dictionary instead of a list).

Fix Code blocks are signified by the “fix” icon and a dotted border. Learners make their corrections by clicking on the block and updating the content in the resulting form.


The “Layout” dropdown menu enables the learner to switch the block-based problem type interfaces from a side-by-side two-column configuration to a vertically stacked single-column configuration, or vice versa.

Snapshot History

The Snapshot History allows the learner to move back and forth in time to see the changes they’ve made while working on a particular problem. If a learner goes back to a previous Snapshot and makes a new move, they effectively “fork” their problem-solving history. The other branch is no longer available to them for reference, but all of its data is still included as part of their problem solving history for reference/analysis.