Programming practice that's flexible, fun, and inclusive

How It Works

What We Offer

Guided practice

Instructor-designed workbooks introduce you to concepts in the recommended order

Self-directed learning

Customizable practice sessions allow you to focus on your desired language(s) and concept(s)

Adaptable interface

Choose from five different ways to solve each problem, so you’ll be challenged but not discouraged

Adaptive Functionality

Receive more advanced problems as you build your skills and confidence

Progressive help

Get unstuck using Codespec’s useful error messages and hints

Sense of belonging

Our interface and practice problems are designed with learners of all skills and abilities in mind


“I like how many options you have to solve each problem. If I get stuck, I can always try a different way.”

- Learner

“The analytics are super helpful for tracking how my students are doing, and telling me where they’re struggling.”

- Instructor

Instructor and Researcher Features

Authoring interface

Prepare and manage practice problems and workbooks all in one place

Learning analytics

View student progress on problems and workbooks to identify trends

Customizable help

Take control over when and how learners receive help

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